Minor Surgery

Minor Surgery for General Injuries

We provide minor surgery for most minor injuries, such as cuts, burns, lacerations, lumps and bumps. Our doctors are adept at treating nail avulsions, which is when the nail is pulled away from the nailbed of the affected digit. Our doctors also perform procedures to remove warts and skin tags. Histofreeze treatment for warts and tissue glue closure for lacerations are commonly performed for suitable lesions which reduce the need for repeat visits for dressings and suture removal.

We also provide toilet and suturing for simple lacerations, elective lumps and bumps removal with samples sent for histological testing when required, laser treatment for suitable skin lesions, removal of foreign bodies etc

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COVID testing and Pre-Departure Testing are available at our Hillford & Novena Branches. Please call to enquire more and to make an appointment.