Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA) &
Advanced Medical Directives (AMD)

In certain circumstances, a loved one who is unable to care for themselves or requires help in decisions may require an individual to be certified to make decisions as their proxy. The most common certificates issued in such scenarios are LPA and AMD certificates.

Details on Certificates

Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA)

The LPA certificate stands for Lasting Power of Attorney certificate and it allows a trusted individual to make choices and medical decisions on behalf of the patient or sick individual should they be unable to do so themselves. The individual entrusting this power is known as the donor and the individual given this power is known as the donee. The donor must be at least 21 years of age and must voluntarily appoint the donee. This is so that in the case that the donor loses mental capacity one day, the donee may make decisions and act on their behalf. In the case of mild dementia, the appointment will be conducted when they are lucid to the best of the certifier’s efforts to ensure they have a choice.

An LPA allows an individual to make a personal, considered choice of a trusted proxy decision maker who is reliable and competent to act in their best interests should they lose mental capacity one day. It also saves loved ones the difficulty and heartache of applying for a Deputyship in the case of an individual losing mental capacity without an LPA in place. An LPA Form 1 entrusts the donee with general powers with basic restrictions. This is the form that our doctor will be able to issue certifications for. For an LPA Form 2, which grants customised powers, individuals must seek a lawyer.

Advance Medical Directive (AMD)

AMD stands for Advance Medical Directive. It is a legal document that individuals sign in advance to inform medical professionals that an individual does not wish to artificially prolong their life through life-sustaining treatment. This is in the event that an individual is unconscious and terminally ill. This allows individuals to pass on with grace and dignity by allowing them to have a natural death and sparing them from further suffering. An AMD cannot be overridden by an LPA and it is recommended that an individual have both under their Advanced Care Plan.

Individuals must be found unconscious and incapable of making decisions, suffering from a terminal illness and require extraordinary life-sustaining treatment before an AMD is invoked. In other words, an individual must be unconscious and incapable of making decisions for an AMD to take effect. If an individual is still capable of making decisions, the medical professionals in charge of the case cannot refer to the AMD for any actions to be taken. An AMD is ultimately to allow individuals dignity by allowing natural death and their loved ones peace by not having to make decisions such as removing life support.

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