Home Nursing and House Calls

Some patients require longer-term care and would prefer to receive it in the comfort of their own home. In other scenarios, patients may not be able to or may not wish to leave their homes to seek treatment.


At Providence Clinic, we provide home nursing and house calls for such scenarios, so that patients may be more comfortable in seeking treatment. Home nursing can help with post-surgery care as well as more long-term care for illnesses. House calls can help patients with mobility issues and issues with going out such as social anxiety.

Details of Services Provided

Home Nursing

Home nursing is preferable for individuals who require long-term care but who may not want to go to an institution such as a nursing home, or require follow-ups for post-surgery care. At Providence Clinic, we collaborate with professionals who aid patients in follow-up treatments and care. For postoperative patients, they might require help going to the washroom, cleaning themselves properly, changing any dressings and preparing medication. Home nurses can perform basic nursing such as taking vitals and administering medication as well as complex nursing such as changing dressings and administering injections.

Home nurses may also suggest modifications to the patient’s environment to better aid recovery and safety such as installing grab bars in the home or putting down anti-slip flooring in the bathroom. Home nursing saves patients the hassle and cost of travelling to the hospital and also allows the patient to be able to have a more familiar presence caring for them without shift rotations bringing new names and faces every day.

House Calls

House calls are able to provide more discreet and comfortable treatment from the privacy of their own homes. It is understandable that some patients might be immobile or unwilling to go outside due to fears and anxieties about going out in public. Providence Clinic teams up with professionals to bring doctors to patients’ homes so that despite their circumstances, they are still able to receive the correct and adequate medical treatment. On house calls, doctors are able to provide basic care such as prescribing medication, diagnosing acute ailments such as fevers and providing reassurance on medical issues that may be causing worry.

House call doctors are able to provide treatment in a matter of hours, without patients having to travel to a clinic or hospital. This saves the time waiting in line as well as the cost and time spent on seeking medical attention. House call doctors are also able to fit into busy schedules as they can provide treatment at most times, allowing busy professionals to take care of their health. House calls are also suitable for death certification, when a loved one passes away at home.

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