Employment Check-up

Employers and institutions may sometimes require medical certifications to operate machinery, buy insurance and ensure the health of employees. This ensures employees are medically fit to carry out duties and to take note of conditions that may prevent employees from carrying out duties in the future.


At Providence Clinic, we provide health screenings for various employment and institutional purposes. These include pre-employment checks, work permit medical screening, driving licence renewal checks and PR application health checks.

Detailed Explanation of the Certifications and Tests

Pre-employment Health Screening

Pre-employment health checks screen an individual to determine if they are medically fit and suitable for a certain job. For example, employees who may be required to perform physical labour such as lifting heavy objects and standing or walking for the majority of their working day may need to undergo such screenings. These checks typically include the basic health screenings, such as blood tests, height, weight, vision and hearing tests. This may also allow the employer to ensure the employee is properly insured. It may also allow the individual to better understand their health to prevent them from straining their body while working.

Work Permit Screening

Work permit medical screenings are to ensure the medical suitability for individuals to work long-term in Singapore and hold a work permit. The tests usually include a urine test, bloodwork, blood pressure as well as VDRL (Venereal Diseases) and pregnancy tests. These ensure that an individual will be able to carry out their duties and hence fulfil the terms of their work permit. Such tests are usually required for foreign talent such as foreign maids, expatriates, and foreign construction workers. Additional tests for malaria and other infections may also be required. Please check with the respective agencies or look at the MOM website for further details.

Driver’s License Renewal

At Providence Clinic, our Basic Health Screen includes most of the tests required under the Road Traffic Rules by the Singapore Police Force for the renewal of an individual’s driver’s license. As per Road Traffic Rules, drivers ages 65 and above are allowed to renew their license once they are certified medically fit by a licensed physician to drive. Such tests may include vision acuity and hearing acuity tests to ensure drivers are able to see and hear changes to traffic on the roads. Medical certificates must be submitted to the Singapore Police Force e-portal found on their website.

PR (Permanent Residency) Screening

Applicants for Permanent Residence in Singapore must undergo a medical screening before being able to be certified fit to reside in Singapore. This screen usually includes the basic screening, a chest x-ray and screens for HIV. The basic screening includes blood work to ensure the absence of parasites in the bloodstream and diagnose any potential illnesses. The chest x-ray screens for tuberculosis, an infectious illness that affects the lungs. At Providence Clinic, we also provide screens for HIV/AIDS as part of our Premium and Premium Plus packages, which include a free ECG as well as all the tests in the Basic and Comprehensive screening packages.

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